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Corporate Spectrum's Information for clients to assist in proactivity and a healthier work environment.Often we are requested to provide advice on how a company can best reduce their WorkCover premium.

Whilst case management strategies are an effective tool in assisting with reducing WorkCover claims duration, it must be said that prevention is the key.

Staff education via relevant training and a strong OH&S committee are key factors in this process.

To be committed to a healthy workplace and the health of your staff as well as being dedicated to meeting legislative requirements is the greatest recommendation we can give any client.

In addition to prevention based initiatives, it is apparent to our firm that employers felt that there was a lack of support for them in ensuring their WorkCover claims were proactively managed.

In assisting our clients for many years, we provide the following advice for minimizing WorkCover claims duration. These tips are suggested in addition to your many legal requirements as an employer:

  • Ensure that as soon as you are aware of an injury, your employee is provided with support and feels that the company is committed to getting them back to good health. Supported workers are often the first to get back to work.

  • Offer to go along to the Doctor with the employee should medical treatment be required.

  • Request the employees input as to how you can prevent the injury from occurring again.

  • Request the employees' input as to what kind of duties they may be able to return to if and when they are capable.

  • Call a Specialist for assistance should your employee require assistance or have any concerns.

Our website will be regularly updated to provide support and tips to our clients or potential clients.

Do not hesitate in calling 0404 014821 should you have any questions or should you wish to apply for further assistance.

Disclaimer: Information is relevant at the time of posting however is subject to change.

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