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As Consultants we are often requested to provide advice regarding minimising work place risk. We ask our clients to consider the injuries they have had to date and raise the following questions:

-Is there a trend in the injuries your employees have claimed for?

A trend in recorded injuries can sometimes mean certain tasks aren’t being performed safely and appropriate training may be required.

In cases whereby stress is claimed by more than one party working in the same area sometimes a review of the resources in the area may be beneficial. Is there any commonality that can be addressed? Would it be worthwhile having a professional in to mediate or to attempt to identify and rectify the issues? -When an incident is reported, are the circumstances assessed and duties modified, where applicable, to avoid further incidents of the same nature?

Hazard identification and risk assessments following all work place injuries should take place. -As a company have you considered duty rotation where possible in order to minimise risk? Rotating repetitive duties has proven to be very beneficial in certain industry sectors. -Do you have a list of light duties that are available for anyone that is injured in your Workplace designed to minimise time lost. This is what we refer to a light duties library.

A light duties register provides immediate access to available light duties should am employee suffer an injury in the workplace and aims to minimise the time lost form work post incident. -Are your policies and procedures in place and would you pass an audit?

Negative audit findings may result in potential fines. In addition, by not meeting criteria in respect of the OH&S

Act you may be exposing your employees to injuries unnecessarily and exposing yourself to prosecution. Corporate Spectrum Pty Ltd provides expert advice in areas of injury management and work place prevention/safety.

Call Trish Cappola on 0404 014821 to discuss what we can do to be of further assistance to you. We trust that you will find the above information beneficial when managing your risk.

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