Keeping Records and liability

You should keep records relating to any accident or reported/alleged injury as this information will be useful when submitting a claim to your Insurer-

-The date, time of the injury. -Any witnesses to the accident if any and statements from any key witnesses. -The location of the injury. -How the injury or accident allegedly happened. -The nature of the injury and the body parts affected. -Date you were notified. -Details of any medical appointments and examinations you which you are aware. -Copies of medical reports, hospital records and x-rays relevant to the accident. -Copies of receipts relating to medical, pharmaceutical and other out-of-pocket expenses related to the injury. -List of any factors that can disprove a claim should you believe it to be non-compensable and associated statements form relevant staff members.

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Please note that Corporate Spectrum does not eliminate any organizations need to be responsible for meeting legislative requirements. Our advice is not intended as legal advice.

Organizations are required to accept final responsibility in respect of all policies, procedures and compliance. Onsite return to work coordinators and OH&S representatives are required by your business internally if appointing our services. This is  despite being able to have more than one rtw co-coordinator and legally being able to employ, in many instances, in this capacity externally. Our agreed hours are limited, our structure is via Ecommerce and whilst many tasks we perform are to support certain  areas overlapping with compliance issues, our structure and scope of services provides that our client base must ensure legislative requirements are adhered to at all times.