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Corporate Spectrum Risk Management Services

Effective risk management equates to a healthy, safe, viable and productive work environment. The process involves identification, analysis and addressing risks associated with any activity or process within and related to the workplace. The risk can be anything that may compromise or affect people, the environment and/or assess that potential for a negative outcome. Mismanagement of risk exposes your company to regulatory breaches due to non-compliance through to injury, or an unexpected event including unpredictable disasters. It is necessary for all organizations to make a make an evaluation of the risks they face and to implement risk control strategies in order to eliminate or reduce the level of risk as far as is reasonably practicable. In order to manage your risk the risk profile of the organization must be established, risk control in place, effective communication of the risks and risk controls to your workforce and associated people that may be affected, whether the risks have/ require audit, is a plan in place when a an occurrence takes place and whether the company is has probable exposure to litigation. The establishment of a risk management strategy is required, as the bare minimum, to address:

  • Building compliance obligations;

  • Essential life safety systems;

  • Work, health and safety risks;

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Environmental obligations

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