Corporate Spectrum Pty Ltd is an off-site, eCommerce consulting practice established to provide businesses with additional members to their team. We provide proactive support in workplace matters associated with RTW and Workers' Compensation claims. We provide expertise.

Our services are offered Australia-wide and in New Zealand. 

We assist in highlighting available, proactive options to the parties in the area of:

  • Return to work and co-ordination support

  • Claims expertise

  • Staff development, education, mentoring and training

  • Conciliation preparation support (VIC)

  • Injury management support

Trish Cappola - Director

Founder and Principal

During employment in Senior Management positions with various Brokers, Workers Compensation Insurers and Agents of  Work Safe
Trish Cappola identified a critical need for organizations and their staff to be provided with support, expertise and understanding in the area of WorkCover and workplace injury matters. Strong expertise is required in order to meet obligations and to best support a company and associated employees.

​A extensive leadership background and vast industry experience has ensured that effective resources are utilized to engage in meeting the individual specific requirements of each matter, complimenting a reputable suite of services.

A history of working within this sector for decades, for companies as large as Mobil, provides Trish with optimum expertise having dealt with thousands of  organizations over the years. Her capabilities as a subject matter expert range across injury case management, return to work and industry-relevant WorkCover/ Workers Compensation guidelines and application. 

Most importantly Corporate Spectrum offers clients a practical, expert, working knowledge. They offer skills and vast experience to assist businesses should an injury-related claim eventuate.


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Please note that Corporate Spectrum does not eliminate any organizations need to be responsible for meeting legislative requirements. Our advice is not intended as legal advice.

Organizations are required to accept final responsibility in respect of all policies, procedures and compliance. Onsite return to work coordinators and OH&S representatives are required by your business internally if appointing our services. This is  despite being able to have more than one rtw co-coordinator and legally being able to employ, in many instances, in this capacity externally. Our agreed hours are limited, our structure is via Ecommerce and whilst many tasks we perform are to support certain  areas overlapping with compliance issues, our structure and scope of services provides that our client base must ensure legislative requirements are adhered to at all times.